Final WC update

Well Germany did it. They are the first European team to win the World Cup on South American soil. It’s also the first time Germany has won the Cup as a unified nation.
Another plus is that I can say that the USA beat the World Cup champions on June 2nd 2013 and I was there to see it
Well thanks for reading and please continue to do so as I blog about other sports in the coming weeks

Jacob Conley

SAT WC Update

Sorry I missed the lat game. Been busy with work.I had the Dutch beating Argentina, but oh well. In related news Tim Howard, was left of the Golden Glove award list. Ridiculous.
Anyway on to today’s match
How will Brazil rebound from a national embarrassment? They will play better, but they are missing to much to win against a very talented side. Final score 3-1

Tuesday WC update

Today is the first of the semi-finals and what a match we have on tap. Germany vs Brazil has so many interesting story lines, its hard to know when to start. The host nation is reeling after top man Neymar is out with an injury, making Brazil a wounded animal. As we all know a wounded animal is the most dangerous. Can German survive the early onslaught and emotional boost Brazil will get from the home fans I say yes.
Germany and Brazil tie 1-1, but Germany wins on PKs because they are the masters of converting from the spot

Saturday WC update

I wish the USA was playing today, but they are not so on with the predictions.
Argentina 1 Belgium 0
With Neymar out of the World Cup, it opens the door for some other teams. While I think Germany will win it, one of these sides could sneak up and take the prize, I say Messi nets a late game winner.
Netherlands 2 Costa Rica 0
If the Costa Ricans pull this off it will be an absolute shocker. Their magic runs out today though. Its been a historic tournament for Concacaf. We should be proud

Friday WC Update

The games are back and so am I. After A perfect round of 16 I hope to continue my hot streak. Before I get to predictions though I must say Well done America. You made me proud
Germany 1 France 0

What a great game this will be. Two world powers going at it France has overachieved in the Cup so far and I see them going down today against a patient German side. The Germans are like water torture. They dink dink dink and then boom. You are down a goal
Brazil 1 Columbia 2
Its been coming all tournament long Brazil goes out today. A crossbar won’t save them now . Columbia is a great all round team. Brazil is too, but Columbia is more consistent while Brazil has to rely on magic moments aka Neymar to score. Consistency trumps magic.
Happy 4th America enjoy the games today and to Soccer fans worldwide thanks for reading

Tuesday WC update

My perfect streak in the knockout stages continues. Lets hope I stay hot. Baby needs a new pair of shoes. LOL

Argentina 4 Switzerland 1

Switzerland lost their last group game against the French 5-2. I see another 3 goal spread here

Belgium 3 USA 1

Sorry to say but the US has no shot in this game. They were blown out against Belgium in a friendly this year and I dont see this any differently. Even Josy Altidore in the lineup wont help.